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Cars (2006)

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Directed by John Lasseter  & Joe Ranft   (co-director)    

Written by Robert L. Baird, Dan Fogelman, Dan Gerson, Bonnie Hunt, Jorgen Klubien, Don Lake,   
John Lasseter,  Phil Lorin, Kiel Murray & Joe Ranft  (Phew!)
Starring: The voices of Paul Newman, Owen Wilson, Michael Keaton & Bonnie Hunt

One of the amazing things about Cars is that the characters do not look anything at all like the actors who voice them. Remember Shark’s Tale? While it was cute to have fishes that look like Will Smith and Angelina Jolie and mammals that look like Bob De Niro, at times it can get eerie. We’d think, why not just have live action?

Well, cars does not do that…though it does take a persona out of one of the actors? Paul Newman plays Doc Hudson, a one time racing car. The truth is Newman still races (yes, he is eighty plus and he is still on the track, don’t you want to be him?"

Newman is Newman, period. He’s a living legend and I am glad that he is still working and is careful about what he is doing. The rest of the cast have done a good job voicing the cars. It can be quite scary sometimes, seeing that cars have character on their own. Car lovers do not have that problem, but I do. How soon before we have movies about talking toasters, or vacuum cleaners?

You see, our appliances (cars? appliances?) are already on the way to becoming talking machines. Currently the communication is only one way. Throwing the remote control against the wall is us human communicating. Soon it will be two ways. We will soon have all the machines hooked up on the net and we can monitor them from remote places and the best part is these machines can communicate to each other.

Yes. They would. Remember HAL? Terminator? What if you come back home and you find your refrigerator is gone and there is a note saying, "I’ll be back!"

Okay, enough horror stories. Like most CG animation movies, Cars runs on a well worn track (yup, intended). It’s a story that we are familiar about. An arrogant hero who learns lesson about life from lesser people…I mean cars. Then we have a grand race in the end and the ending is quite good in fact. Not what you expect. Now that I told you what not to expect, you will know exactly what to expect. Damn.

It’s a fun movie. It’s a popcorn movie that you will forget as soon as another good animation flick comes along. Just nice for creative drought seasons like these days.

As soon as the movie was over, I went to the McDonalds, bought a meal and a Cars merchandise. A little toy car. It’s the blue Doc Hudson. My first Paul Newman figurine. Can you believe that?