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New (2004)

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By Mrinalini Nair

Written and directed by SJ Surya
Starring Surya, Simran, Deivayanai and Manivannan


S.J.Surya is a newcomer to Tamil film industry as far as acting is concerned. The director, who gave ‘Vali’ and ‘Kushi’ has now directed himself in ‘NEW’. For the first time he does the male lead (he has cameos in Kushi), and that could be the reason why he has titled it as ‘NEW’. His heroine in ‘Vali’ fame Simran does the female lead. Others in the cast include ‘Gemini’ heroine Kiran, Manivanan, Karunass, Naseer, Iswariya and also Deivaiyanai.


This story is about an eccentric scientist (Manivanan) with assistant (Karunass) who is always experimenting something new in life. His passion towards science leads him to inventing medicines with unnatural results. He even has a dog in his house with two tails and grows coconut trees two feet high.  This might shock the viewers, but it is just a movie!!!


Further experimenting, he makes a boy of eight years grow physically to be a young man of twenty five years of age (the plot of the Hollywood movie, Big). Surya  plays the immature man who is an adult by physical appearance with an eight year old boy’s brain.


What happened is this: His mother (Deivayanai) seems always scolding and nagging at him, so much so that one day he runs away from his house and falls into the scientist trap who tries his latest invention on him.


With a boy’s mind and adult’s physique, he works as a servant in Simran’s toyshop.

And now the story becomes interesting when she falls in love with him, marries him and becomes pregnant with his child.


Meanwhile Kiran comes into the picture, as the couples neighbour and the comedy gets doubled when Surya starts getting friendly with her too.


What happens in his life there after forms rest of the story.


The Songs are written by Valli and Vairumuthu and superbly tuned by our famous music composer AR.Rahman. Altogether seven songs Sakara-Sakara, Spiderman, If U Want, Kumbokunam, New- New, Kallial Thinam and Thootal Poo were written and composed fabulously.


‘Sakara-Sakara’ and ‘Kumbokunam’ song tuned classically and it is such a lovely song.

While the Thootal Poo song actually taken from old movie acted by M.G.R ‘Padagotti’.

Yet this song being tuned with the essence of classic and modern tunes together.

 Overall the songs are superb.


(RK note: Surya must be a huge MGR fan. Note that with exception of Sakkara, all the other songs have both lyrical and musical references to MGR films and songs)

All the song sequences were performed well by the popular dancers especially during the ‘New-New’ song. Simran danced fantastically. The dancer’s movements are superb and are choreographed perfectly. The camera man K.V.Guhan is very talented. He has done his best work here.


Overall this is an enjoyable film.