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Kangalal Kaithu Sei (2004)

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Directed by Barathiraaja
Starring Priya Mani, Vaseegaran


Kankalal Kaithu Sei is directed by Barathiraja, one of the most well-known filmmakers in Tamil indsutry, who has successsfully conceptualised films such as 16 Vaithineley, Muthal Mariyathai, Killaku Pogum Rayil and Manvasanai. Most of his memorable hits films are based on village story with folk songs and dance. For this film, however, Bharathiraja moved his camera from the countryside to focus the townsfolk.



Kangalal Kaithu Sei tells a story of a rich young man Vaseegaran (Vaseegaran)  a professional thief who steals valuable diamond at a gem exhibition, which in turn causes Vidya (Priyamani) to be accused  for the crime. Knowing who is behind the theft, Vidya tries to apprehend Vasegaran who ends up falling in love with her.


Actually he is a successful businessman. Yet he has this habit of stealing since his childhood days. It gave him certain thrills, as with his latest diamond theft. 


At that same time, right after the theft,Vasegaran needed a private secretary for his company. Therefore he requests his assistant manager to advertise in a newspaper regarding a job vacancy. Using this golden opportunity - to prove he is the actual theft - Vidya enters his residence as a private secretary. From here, the story becomes interesting. Here her presence in his life changed him drastically, where he transformed from being quiet and arrogant man into a friendly and humble person to those around him.


The unique touch in the plot comes in where Vasegaran sees Vidya as a Cinderella but not as Vidya. He even calls her as a Cinderella.There is a reason for this.


Vasegaran was raised and educated by his grandma after his parents had passed away during his young age. He was born to a millionaire family, and being the only grandchild, every night before he goes to sleep his grandma will tell him all the legendary stories. And his favourite story is Cinderella. This story somehow touched his heart a lot since his childhood day. For him his Cinderella was waiting for a true love to come, as does he. 


During the early stage of the movie Bharathiraaja manages to make the viewers puzzle about the location of the diamond hid by Vasegaran. The mystery is such that we never get to know the diamond till the end.


Bharathiraaja even confuses the viewers with reality and fantasy in this movie. At beginning most of us will think that Vasegaran and Vidya have feelings for each other. Cleary, this is evidential during the duet song sequences. Both of the cast dote on each other romantically in those scenes. Yet something tragic happens that we have doubts whether these duet songs with Vidya have actually come from his own imagination.


Overall the movie revolves around his imagination rather than actual life. Other than that due to his diamond theft, his life takes an awkward turn. The tragic ending speaks much of the real loss, no thanks to his venture in crime.


Bharathraaja has taken a western approach for filming this picture. The characters dresses, life style and even accent is not what you will see in his other village movies... Truth is this is not the first time; he has done a modern thriller. He tantalized the audience back in 1978 with Kamal in Sigappu Rojakkal, and he worked with Kamal again in another thriller, Tik Tik Tik in early eighties. He made a comeback in early nineties with another town thriller called Captain Magal with Kushbu, and the film flopped. Unfortunately this film was not received well by Tamil viewers as well.


Otherwise, compensation comes in form of music, which did good business. AR.Rahman songs are all superb. He arranged the tune beautifully as it captures the essence of both classical and modern music. The classical tunes can be seen in 'Anarkili' song, with the  lyrics written by P.A Vijay. The lyrics of the songs are very meaningful and easy to understand. Azhigeye Cinderella song is another beautiful tune, and AR.Rahman has once again proven his mettle in his music industry fields.


The locations are superb. As for 'Azgiyehe Cinderella', the sequence was shot in Kashmir. White snows covers both of the cast during the scenes. Vidya is dressed to look exactly like Cinderella as visualized in the fairy tale. She wears a beautiful white creamy gown with gloves.  Vasegaran is dressed in black coat suit and pants. As for 'Theekkuruvi' and 'Aaha Thamizhama' the songs were picturised in the harbour with colourful junior dancers together with colourful costumes. Dances are superb too. Different songs with different style of dance.  For duet songs the dances were slow and  romantic. 'Theekkuruvi' song was shot to arouse the sensual feelings amongst youngsters, especially with costumes that may not exactly appeal to all ages. As for solo song like 'Aaha Thamizhama' the shots and the dance movement were fast, just nice for the dance track.


The lead actor and actress are new in film industry. They seem need to learn a lot more about their career. As for Vasegaran he seems to be too soft spoken and Priyamani, at times, looks rather aggressive for her character.


Overall, this is a fun movie, for those who like a combination of romance and a good thriller, despite the slack in the lead performances.