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Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (2003)

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Directed by McG
Written by John August, Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley
Starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and John Cleese


Sometimes I amaze even myself. I didn't watch the first Charlie's Angels movie, after telling myself that it is going to be a disgrace to the original TV series. I didn't go, and never regretted. But when the trailer for Full Throttle came, I was in a morose mood, somehow lost in a non-Hollywood world looking to come back. The late updating of this site will testify to that. So, I saw the trailer, the cool stunts and so on. I told myself, what the hell, at least it has Drew Barrymore in it.

And so I went. By Jove, I loved it. Every minute of it! See, I amaze even myself.

To be honest, it is a very stupid movie. It requires the thinking capability of a guinea pig, and a critical approach of Bollywood audience. It deals with the Angels, played with tongues firmly planted in their cheek (hey, not literally okay) by Drew Barrymore (yummy!), Cameron Diaz (beginning to like her) and Lucy Liu (did she do some nose job?), who are onto the quest to recover some freakin' ring. Honestly I don't know what is so important about the ring and why it should be recovered, and why the hell the FBI is involved. Why? Because the film never allocated much time for that.

It's action, action and action all the way. No letting up. Along the way it spoofs  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blues Brothers, Thorn Birds, Baywatch, Cape Fear, Terminator and, and...honestly I gotta watch it again to identify other sources. You get some music videos, dances, a lot of ass kicking, flying, jumping, fast cuts, jump cuts, Matrix-y 360 degrees shots and so on, so forth. I must commend the good editing job. Combination of all these elements should actually make the audience giddy, but it did not.

The bad points are a few, considered of course, after concluding that Full Throttle is easily a candidate for Raspberry award. For one, I couldn't dig the new Bosley, played by  Bernie Mac, who can blame the bad script. But then, the former Bosley, Bill Murray, could have done more with the role. Another bad point is the motocross scene which reeks of  bad CGI ala Hulk. It would have cost them the same (and a couple of broken bones, I guess) if they had used real stunts and stuntmen. But these are minor glitches.

And oh, did I mention cameos. It started with Bruce Willis and soon, so many of them started dropping in, including former Angel Jaclyn Smith, still looking gorgeous. Its a fun bad movie, so bad that I might get the video of it when it is out.

One more complaint. Can someone give John Cleese a more decent part to do. Currently he is one of the funniest comedian in the world, and they can never justify his talent. He appears here, waiting to show his stuff, when nothing really happens. Please use him, exploit him. He fits so perfectly in this film, and yet nothing was done. Shame on the producers.

At the end of the film I decided on one thing: I wanna marry Drew Barrymore.