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Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983)

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Directed by Richard Marquand
Written by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas (based on story by George Lucas)
Starring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and the voice of James Earl Jones


Return Of The Jedi (ROTJ) could have been the worst of all Star Wars, but thanks to the Phanthom Menace and Attack of the Clones, it remains the third best of the third worst, however you look at it.

Not that it is that bad. Remember, all the Star Wars film have utmost quality in them, especially the first three. I don't give stars, ratings or marks for the films in my commentaries, but to illustrate the Star Wars here it is:

Star Wars: 95%

The Empire Strikes Back - 99%

Return of the Jedi: 90%

The Panthom Menace: 70%

Attack of The Clones: 75%

See what I mean?

My trouble with ROTJ is mainly the Ewoks and all the scenes involving them. Has Lucas gone That desparate to include creatures that will be merchandising-friendly. While he took the pain to create a dirty world, some really bad-ass aliens, he turned to charm the kids with this cuddly looking furballs with dwarfs inside them. Am I getting very insulting? If so, I am sorry, but I just didn't like them. And should they be dwarfed (no pun intended), by making them do the strangers-mistaken-for-gods routine? Its awful. Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C3PO spends too much time with them and their planet that their scenes were pretty boring, even with those great characters around.

Otherwise, things are as good as ever. Remember, it only has five percent points lesser than the first Star Wars. It also had many crucial scenes:

The speeder: I believe most fans will not forget this scene. This is first to come to my mind. It is brilliant and imaginative as the asteroid scene in the previous film.

Jabba the Hut: No creatures can ever be as grotesque as Jabba The Hut. Also, in this scene, you get to see Princess Leia in the skimpiest bits of clothing. It lasts until the escape scene on the desert where the good guys are supposed to be fed to a carnivore inside the sand. Scary.

Luke: Luke is now a full fledged Jedi. Its nice to see that he is more in control of himself, though he still gets himself in a jam. He goes to Vader, realising that he is endangering his friends. He is truly the guy who values friendship very well. The final scenes between him, the emperor and the Vader shows how human he is and how we can still root for the good side.

Vader: He is still the dude, man. The best villain in the Universe. Again, when he gets to be nice in the climax, you really want to cheer him. The death scene is really moving, except you will wish it was James Earl Jones underneath the mast, instead of Sebastian Shaw.


Otherwise all the fun elements are still here. The wonderful comic banter between R2D2 and C3PO still entertains. So is the sexual tension between Hans and Leia. I don't think Ford had been any funnier than during his portrayal of Hans and we surely miss that.

Otherwise, the war scenes, the dogfight, and the light saber duels are all there for your eyes only.

ROTJ is still a great adventure and sci-fi yarn. It is a must in the collection and to round everything off, I need to get the special edition.

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